The cutting edge technology based procurement solutions you can trust.

Integrated solution to unleash the Power of Procurement

Establish a flexible, extensible enterprise-wide architecture to integrate your procurement flow, synchronize your teams with relevant information and manage high-impact activities with a complete technology backbone for all distributed activities in the procurement lifecycle.

Smart Analytics

Intelligent insights are driven by proprietary analytics, big data, predictive intelligence and machine learning to help in every step of the procurement process including indent consolidation, tender evaluation, supplier identification and contract management.

Highly Flexible

Flexible, highly configurable technology platform that streamlines business rules configuration and updates, provides access to the system administrators to securely manage the end-to-end process flow based on multiple roles and user groups.


Highly scalable solution which can be expanded in parallel to the business growth and provides an option to scale horizontally or vertically as per demand. Fully compatible with leading cloud platforms to offer the power of cloud computing.

Full digital transformation across the entire procurement spectrum

Complete Solutions for all Segments

C1 e-Procurement solution provides a modular approach for different business segments to let them choose a fit for purpose solution to minimize the implementation cost and other overheads, this helps the businesses to take control of what they want, not what they have been offered.

Digitalized Procurement

Our Vendor Management, e-Sourcing and Contract Management solutions extend the value of the C1 e-Procurement platform through a seamless transfer of best-in-class workflows, engineering a streamlined process to address high-impact procurement events.

Seamless Integration

Our e-Procurement solution provides seamless integration, for the north bound and south bound systems in the overall procurement flow. The solution is fully capable to integrate with multiple ERPs, compliance applications and other systems to exchange data to meet the industry standards and governance requirements.

Smart Solutions for Smart Procurement

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