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Advanced AI Security & Cyber Solutions

C1 Cyber Solutions, a division of C1 Global Pvt Ltd, offers a comprehensive range of Cyber Security and AI based Products & Solutions comprising of Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Lake and much more. The Core Founding Team is vastly experienced in intelligence gathering especially Cyber Domain, with deep understanding of National Security Issues and hands-on experience of working with by Lead Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies in the country. Our lead platforms are in use by Intelligence Agencies & Law Enforcement Agencies in India and Overseas.

Our Vision is to be the most trusted partner of the Industry in AI and Cyber Security Solutions.

Primary Products & Services


AI led Big Data Analytics

We offer proven Indigenous offerings with multiple module catering to ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ program. Our AI/ ML based Big Data Analytics Tool can process multiple data sources (Structured /Unstructured Data, Open Source Data, Internet Data, Call Data Records, Crime Data, Social Media etc.) as inputs, which is processed to useful/actionable intelligence for effective Border Management by the defence forces.

Our customized Integrated ‘Samadhan’ (Intelligence Fusion Centre) specifically designed and trained for Predictive Policing for Smart Policing and can be integral part of Smart and Safe City Projects.


Handheld Anti Drone System

We are proud to offer one of its kind, unique indigenous “Make in India” RF Anti-Drone Jammers. This system blocks the connection between the hostile drone’s video, telemetry, command, control and navigation systems and the device’s operator. The Drone is effectively disabled, forced back to its home base or grounded at its current location.

The salient features of this drone system are as given below:

  • Effective Range: 1000m
  • Endurance Time: 45-80 minutes
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight Solution - Under 2kg

Red Teaming Platform

We offer the most advanced Automatic Adversary Emulation Platform for Cyber Security Audit, which has been built to test the efficiency and efficacy of the current technologies deployed for Cyber Threat Detection. Our state-of-art indigenous and unique solution has been built on the Mitre Att&ck framework, that can be deployed across varied Operating Systems.

The tool simulates the attack on an organisations internal network and performs post-compromise adversarial behaviour inside the organisation’s network. It audits and improves Cyber Security environment including response mechanism. We offer customised solutions based on a client’s needs to help upgrade their Security Infrastructure.


Security Operation Centre (SOC)

We specialise in building SOC’s to monitor, identify, inspect, and respond to cyber threats around the clock. It works seamlessly across different functions to ensure centralized, non-stop visualisation SOC monitoring which is critical in maintaining smooth operations. Most notable advantage is the capability to manage systems based on well-defined processes and minimise the risk of loss of data.


Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security skills gap is ever widening due to the fluid nature of threats, innovative cyber crime techniques and lack of matching skilled Cyber Security professionals pose a huge challenge to businesses as well as government organisations across the globe.

We provide complete Cyber Security Training platforms to recreate Sector Specific Scenarios for training and capacity building. We offer world class online as well as offline training for Cyber Security – Prevention, Detection & Reaction. Skills can be developed or upgraded by organising short and long courses and through Simulator Labs which could be used for organising workshops, CTF/DTF events and Hackathons.

  • Critical Industries covered but not limited to are:

    • Defence Sector
    • Aviation Sector
    • Govt Facilities Sector
    • Energy Sector
    • Manufacturing Sector
    • Telecom Sector
    • BFSI Sector
  • Critical Skill Development domains are:

    • SOC Analyst
    • Data Centre Security Expert
    • IOT Security Professional
    • Drone Security Professional
    • Power Security Expert
    • Banking Security Expert.. and Others

Smart Solutions for Smart Procurement

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