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Healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is one of the top employers in the country, it also accounts for the Government spends about 1.4% of GDP currently – projected to go up to 2.5% by 2025. The Indian pharmaceutical industry accounts for 20 percent export of generics worldwide owing to the competitive advantage of lower manufacturing costs.

The Global pharma industry is expected to benefit on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Healthcare industry is witnessing a huge technological transformation that is likely to continue at a similar pace in the coming years. Areas witnessing transformations involve research, product development, IT, Procurement,and distribution.

The driving factors for the healthcare industry’s growth depends upon favourable regulatory shifts, personalized, patient-centric, and value-based healthcare experience, increased operational efficiency for maximizing savings, and leveraging new technological developments. COVID-19 has forced worldwide healthcare reinforcements and continued quick developments will be seen over the years.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry challenges

  • Numerous challenges exist in the healthcare industry such as harnessing advanced health technology, information and integrated health services, cyber security, rising healthcare costs, investment in IT healthcare, payment processing and invoicing, pressure on pharmaceutical prices, healthcare regulatory changes, healthcare staffing shortages, and external market disruption.
  • Diminishing marginal returns and benefit from innovations in scientific research and drugs. Tremendous margin pressures with tightening public health policies and rising prices in many healthcare fields.
  • Supply Chain Management issues such as procurement-related challenges, delivery, and transportation, etc.

How We Can Help

C1 is fully committed to help the growing healthcare sector with our e-Procurement, e-Tendering, Reverse e-Auction and forward e-Auction solutions and services. Along with deep process knowledge, C1 brings technological expertise to help the healthcare players grow and scale businesses efficiently through centralized procurement engines.

Our solutions enable hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment suppliers, and diagnostics to electronically exchange contractual information and transact medical supplies at competitive prices through a centralized system. Maintenance, repair, material purchases are other services that can be procured by healthcare providers through our e-Procurement suite.

Our comprehensive e-Procurement suite includes inventory and indent management, e-Auctioning, e-Sourcing, vendor management, contract management, and risk management. With the focus of providing you the liberty to transform your supply chain as suitable to your requirements, we also provide actionable insights derived from our analytical tools such as expense management, budget, and spend analysis.

Our client base includes some of the big names of the Healthcare sector such as:

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