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Energy & Utilities

The energy & utility sector has been undergoing rapid and extensive change. The growing emphasis on renewables, smart grids, distributed generation, and digitization demands that conventional providers introduce new technologies and should act in accordance with emerging challenges and opportunities.

The sector has witnessed global support for renewable energy initiatives and due to ambitious green energy targets set by governments globally along with policy support has enhanced the sector’s attractiveness for investors. There are multiple drivers (industrial expansion, growing per-capita incomes) leading to growth in power demand and this is set to continue in the upcoming years. To succeed E&U sector, the focus should be on controlling operational costs for maintaining investor confidence, accessibility to capital for long-term survival and innovation, diversification into new service areas, implementation of long-term supply chain strategy to maximizing return on material and service investments along with developing consistent data tracking/analytics.

As per our 2020 predictions, the sector has the potential for significant growth, and companies need to diversify, integrate new technologies, maximize savings in operational costs, implementing well-planned SCM strategy, improve reliability and customer service.

Energy and Utilities Industry Challenges

The energy and utility sector is at the brink of making India the global leader in the production of power. The infrastructure needs to be spruced up and integrating technology adoption paced up to increase and cutting distribution losses. Developments in related industries, such as the emergence of electric vehicles and related new infrastructure needs, may pose new market opportunities for utilities that can sustain both profitability and credit access in competitive and volatile conditions lurking in the industry.

How We Can Help

C1 helps several large scale businesses in the Energy & Utility sector to procure equipments, raw materials, plant machinery and services through our e-Procurement suite which includes e-Tendering, e-Auction and Vendor Management.

Our comprehensive e-Procurement suite includes includes inventory and indent management, e-Auctioning, e-Sourcing, vendor management, contract management, and risk management. With the focus of providing you the liberty to transform your supply chain as suitable to your requirements, we also provide actionable insights derived from our analytical tools such as expense management, budget, and spend analysis.

C1 takes huge pride having aided leading Energy & Utility players with our extensive offerings to help them reap benefits from the value chain. Our clients include:

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