Professional Services

C1’s transformative procurement outsourcing solutions offer uniquely tailored products to meet customers’ specific needs and objectives throughout the value chain.

Unparalleled  Experience and Expertise

Our best-in-class procurement services are designed to deliver breakthrough results by exceeding your year-on-year expectations, empower your procurement teams to do more with their time and experience a significant increase in savings throughout your value chain.

Manpower Resource Services

C1 provides a wide array of customized Manpower resource services to aid with procurement and supply chain projects of various scales and delivers skilled and experienced sourcing professionals to match all of our customers’ unique requirements. Our consultative approach begins with identifying hiring needs first, then deputing over thoroughly vetted professionals for the roles.
The benefits of our Manpower Resource Services include:
  • Gain visibility into your project-based spend—how much you are spending, with whom, and for what
  • RFX and SOW processes optimization, for greater cost savings and efficiencies
  • Requisite support to ensure the smooth procurement/sourcing using any e-Procurement portal
  • Highly skilled procurement specialists, with hands-on experience (Works, Products, Services categories) of managing any e-Procurement Portal
  • Proper guidance on entire cycle of procurement in successful implementation of any e-Procurement portal
  • Training programs on Procurement as per the need for Bidders

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Consulting Services

The C1 Digital procurement transformation consulting service is an innovative approach that seeks to harness the power of digital technologies to drive transformative processes in procurement.
We help clients leverage innovative technologies such as Cloud, Artificial intelligence, Big Data and unified Source-To-Pay, to streamline and optimize end-to-end procurement operations.
Our digital transformation engagements are focused on:
  • Identifying and recommending procurement best practices based on our proven industry success stories for streamlining and cost optimization
  • Leveraging and Integrating Digital Technologies into existing/new procurement functions
  • Revenue Accelerator programs for large businesses, SME’s and start-ups to identify new revenue sources and procurement cost savings

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Managed Services

C1’s e-Procurement managed services give access to 360-degree procurement expertise and delivers sheer value to your enterprise by transforming your entire bottom line. Our robust solutions cover a mix of services, including web RFx system, inventory and indent management, e-sourcing, vendor management, contract management, and supplier network.
The benefits of our Procurement Managed Services include:
  • Highly customizable and transparent platform catering to your procurement needs and innovatively restructuring every aspect of the procurement process from sourcing to payment.
  • Cost optimization and risk management to improve profitability and mitigate various procurement associated risks.
  • Leverage the deep experience of our experts and advanced analytical tools to gain actionable insights and new opportunities.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

C1 offers an advanced analytics platform capable of delivering dynamic dashboards, reports and scorecards for various management and procurement KPI’s. The platform scales to all levels of analytics – from Descriptive, Predictive, to Prescriptive. Customers can choose to continue in their current infrastructure or scale to an Enterprise Data Lake on a Big Data platform to realize the power of Analytics. The 360° view of information provides actionable interface and perspective on procurement.

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C1 Digital - AI, Blockchain and Internet of Things

C1 has partnered with leading industry vendors for services, delivery and consulting on leading Artificial Intelligence and IoT platforms.

Through IoT/Blockchain based tracking of inventory, businesses can be managed effectively and efficiently through real-time insights received from the supply chain process. IoT integration enables the traceability of products and materials across the entire supply chain. IoT presents advanced opportunities for procurement professionals to improve spend visibility and better understand their supply and equipment usage.

AI enabled digital assistants and bots, help in effective decision making, proper fund management, accountability, maintaining customer and vendor relations.

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C1 Cybersecurity Services

Our best in class cybersecurity solutions help the organizations realize their threats and secure their technology, individuals, and procedures. We offer one-stop solution from the identification of a threat to the recovery of your organization’s valuable assets. We at C1 understand the importance of Information Security and therefore by being ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified, we always strive for Information Security for ourselves and others.

Our security consultants analyze potential cybersecurity threats by running tests on the system and searching for potential breaches. We understand how hackers operate to protect against them. We ensure you’re your organization exceeds the minimum requirements for regulatory compliances.

We offer plethora of services across the cybersecurity subject commencing from Identification to Detection to Protection to Response to Recovery through the state of the art tools and vast experience in the domain. As a consultants we recommend the most suited solutions available to our associated organization.

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