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Indent Management Solution

The solution with best-in-class features to track Indents from every location, approve purchase requisitions, place purchase orders, and custom report generation as per requirement. A solution to keep track of all your requirements.

The Indent Management solution is one of the modules of e-Procurement solution. Its function is to allow users from different departments to create and submit indent requests. The requests can be for procuring services and goods. The module also helps in estimating the cost of works and goods, as well as aggregating the demand for goods.

Indent creation is the first step of tendering process. By the indent, department analyzes the need of services/goods and cost estimation. Department user who has the privilege to create new indent can create indent(s) and send it to authorized person in department for approval. Multiple departments from different locations can have the privilege to create indent(s). All approved indent from multiple departments are consolidated at a centralized department. Based on complete requirement of services or goods and stock position in organization, final consolidated indent is prepared and sent to the authorized person for approval. After the approval indent can be taken for further process, such as tender / Auction.

Key Benefits

24/7 availability to the records

Centralized tracking of transactions

Reduced cost through structured inventory control

Standardized workflows

Improved Efficiency in management and staffing

Key Features of Indent Management Solution

  • Real time tracking of Indents
  • Multi departments, sections logins
  • Centralised Data Storage
  • Email Notification to Approver
  • Approver Leave Delegation
  • Customizable Reports
  • Integration with third party applications

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